Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dec-14-2014: First-Time K-Hound Bob Booth

When I started the season so late, I did not think I would reach the K-Hound status.  [However, the kilometers added up and] the odometer turned 10,000 km on a cold foggy December day on a solo ride on the East of Madison 209 Permanent.  I did not think to take a "selfie" or any photo record [during the "moment-ride, but ...] .  ...  Robert "Bob" Booth
Bob is the first K-Hound Klub member from Wisconsin. 

First-Time K-Hound:  Robert "Bob" Booth (RUSA #4957)
Date:  December 12, 2014
Where:  East of Madison 209 Permanent 
Ride Partners: none.

In the parking lot at the start of the first ride, a 200km on March 29, 2014 with the St. Louis Randonneurs.  [Photo permission of Bob.]

From a 300 km ride with my home club The Great Lakes Randonneurs.  [Photo permission of Bob.]

Congratulations, Bob!  Welcome to the Klub.

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