Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Oct-19: First-Time K-Hound Phil MacFarlane

"I got to 10K the morning of Sunday, October 19th. I was riding the San Diego Santee 400 at the time with Greg Armstrong (RUSA 9865).  We met on the ride.  
"I got all 10,024-kms riding brevets; I have yet to ride a perm.  This ride also represents the completion of six SR series this year (with the substitution of my 3CR 1200 for one missing 400).  Its been a great second year of Randonneuring, but I wont be riding six series again anytime soon!"  ...  Phil MacFarlane
First-time K-Hound:  Phil MacFarlane (RUSA #8400)
Date:  October 19, 2014  [Note;  official date of the ride is Oct-18.] 
Where:  San Diego Santee 400, K-Hound-moment 24-kms before the finish.
Ride partner: 
Greg Armstrong.  
The "moment" occurred as we were descending a dark, fast highway with no one else around.  My wife, Joann MacFarlane, took the picture at the finish 24k later, at 04:15 (the time on the camera is wrong).  L to R:  Greg Armstrong, Phil MacFarlane.  [Phil and Greg met during the ride!  Gotta' like that!] 
Congratulations, Phil!  Welcome to the Klub.  

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sep-11: First-Time K-Hounds Mike & Nancy Myers

"Working toward the K-Hound award is a good way to motivate us to ride 3-5 100K Perms a week after work.  Actually we would probably be riding anyway, but it’s a good excuse to tell our family and friends who do not understand the “RANDO” disease, addiction, or maybe it’s the deep seated love to ride the bike." ... Mike and Nancy Myers
Mike & Nancy are the first K-Hounds from Kansas.  ("Mike and I live in Baxter Springs, KS (very southeast corner of Kansas right on Rt.66).  We are 1 mile from Oklahoma and 5 miles from Missouri, population 4000.  We joined Lone Stars (with Dan's encouragement)  because in the winter we could continue to ride down there when there is ice and snow here.  He named us 'The Lone Stars from the North'.  We now have perms of our own.  One is a 200K which covers Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas (KOMA).  This perm has attracted "RANDOS" from all over which we just love, because we usually ride  by ourselves.  We bike a lot of miles in a year, but usually half or more are not through RUSA (PAC TOUR Transcontinental's, etc.).  That is why this is our first K-hound." ... Nancy)   

First-time K-Hounds:  Mike & Nancy Myers (RUSA #413 & #414)
Date:  September 11, 2014
Where:  “Weir in Kansas” (formerly “No Frills No Hills”) 102K perm-pop (route #2111), K-Hound-moment at the turn-around
Ride partners:  each other. 

L -> R:  Mike, Karen, Nancy.  At the turn around at R & J’s Convenience Store in Cherokee, KS, population 718.  Karen (in the photo with us) is always at the store to serve us homemade deli sandwiches and to cheer us on.  [Photo permission of Mike & Nancy.] 
[Photo permission of Mike & Nancy.]  

Congratulations, Mike & Nancy!  Welcome to the Klub.