Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Nov-22: First-Time K-Hound Christine Newman

New Jersey K-Hounds Joe Kratovil and Paul Shapiro were my inspiration and motivation for attempting this goal.  We rode thousands of Km together and they were constantly encouraging me to go for it.  If it weren’t for their conviction that I could ride this much, I doubt I would have tried.  We had a little celebration lunch at the finish.  My wife, Eileen Bruns, and Joe’s wife, Lucy, joined us as well.  ...  Christine Newman 

  • First-time K-Hound:  Christine Newman (RUSA #2861) 
  • Date:  November 22, 2014 
  • Where:  Capitol City 109k perm-pop (route #1989), K-Hound-moment 63-kms into the ride (i.e., on Washington St just outside Princeton University) 
  •  Ride partners:  Paul Shapiro and Joe Kratovil (2/3 of the prior NJ K-Hounds) 

L to R : Paul Shapiro, Joe Kratovil, Christine Newman.  Photo at the finish in Hopewell, NJ [by Eileen Bruns]. 
Action photo, perhaps taken on Washington St. outside Princeton.  [Photo by Joe or Paul ?]

Congratulations, Christine!  Welcome to the Klub.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Oct-10: First-Time K-Hound Ian Hands

"It's funny, five years ago I made the beautiful mistake of telling Adrian Hands and friends that I was gonna grab Rando by the horns... it's almost the best silly stupid thing I've ever done! 
I can't wait to usher in 2015.  It's a PBP year to boot!  What could be better than that?
Don't forget what you knew as a kid... riding your bike is bliss!"  ...  Ian Hands  

First-time K-Hound:  Ian Page Hands (RUSA #6176)
Date:  October 10, 2014
Where:  2014 Taste of Carolina 1200, second day
Ride partners:  many 

L to R:  Ian Hands, Robert Bergeron (2012 K-Hound), Mary Florian (2012 K-Hound), Patrick Herlihy (2014 K-Hound in the making).  [Photo by Jenny Oh Hatfield.] 

Congratulations, Ian!  Welcome to the Klub. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Nov-04: First-Time K-Hound Jon Gray

"Years ago when I first read about the K-Hounds of Texas and their over-the-top accomplishments, I never ever dreamed of joining their ranks. Now it’s happened. This just goes to show how far a little perseverance and encouragement from friends can get you.
After picking up the final receipt I pedaled to my favorite local bike shop, Fastrack Cycles, and thanked the guys for a great year of support, mechanical and otherwise."  ...  Jon Gray 

First-time K-Hound:  Jon Gray (RUSA #2807)
Date:  November 04, 2014
Where:   Santa Barbara Coast permanent (route #2195).  K-Hound 33-kms before the finish. 
Ride partner:  none.
L to R:  Luke Johnson (mechanic), Jon, Dave Letieri (owner of Fastrack Cycles, Santa Barbara, CA).  [Photo courtesy of Jon Gray.] 

Congratulations, Jon!  Welcome to the Klub.