Monday, September 22, 2014

Sep-13: First-time K-Hound Lynn Lashley

"All I was trying to do was ride my bike."  ...  Lynn Lashley 

Lynn is the second female K-Hound in North Carolina.  This year, Lynn has ridden more different permanents with more different ride partners in a single year than anyone previously in North Carolina.    

First-time K-Hound:  Lynn Lashley (RUSA #5519)
Date:  September 13, 2014
Where:  Get 'er Dunn 102k perm-pop (route #878), K-Hound-moment 65-kms into the ride
Ride partners:  Mike Dayton, Dean Furbish, Mick Hogan -- K-Hounds all. 

L -> R:  Dean Furbish, Lynn Lashley, Mick Hogan.  Photo snapped at a nice, quiet corner a couple kms after Lynn's 10K-Hound-moment.  [Photo by Mike Dayton.] 

Congratulations, Lynn!  Welcome to the Klub.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Aug-16: First-time K-Hound Jeff Newberry

"I’ve had K-Hound envy for a number of years, but this year has been unique in that the majority of my riding has been official RUSA K’s.  And I’ve also finally got my own 100K perm route, the basic building block for K-Hounding.  Finally, I had a 1200 in Colorado on the calendar, which was plenty of motivation to ride early and often."  ...  Jeff Newberry 

First-time K-Hound:   Jeff Newberry (RUSA #4574) 
Date:  August 16, 2014  
Where:  San Marcos Stretch 203K Permanent (route #612), crossed 10,000K just after mile 100  
Ride partners:  Rob Tulloh, Michael Wellman, Denis Kervella  

L -> R:  Rob Tulloh, Jeff Newberry, Denis Kervella.  Cooling off in south Austin shortly after Jeff's K-Hound moment.  [Photo by Michael Wellman.]  
After the ride, Jeff celebrating in Bee Cave.  [Photo by Michael Wellman.] 
Congratulations, Jeff!  Welcome to the Klub.