Friday, December 19, 2014

Nov-15: First-Time K-Hound Keith Moore

"I don't remember who originally put the K-Hound bug in my ear, but at the time it seemed like an unlikely goal.  Then Susan Otcenas invited me to join her and a few other riders on her newly-created Big Guns 1016K permanent from Portland, OR to Whitefish, MT.  At that point, the K-Hound seemed to be within reach. Sadly, we DNF'd the 1016K (we finished hors delais), but the K-Hound goal remained firmly in mind.  A few extra 100K, 200K, and 300K rides, and here we are.  Big thanks to all of the great people in Seattle Randonneurs, Oregon Randonneurs, and Desert River Randonneurs.  Most of all, thanks to my patient and endlessly supportive wife Kasia!"  ...  Keith Moore 

First-Time K-Hound:  Keith Moore (RUSA #5355)
Date:  November 15, 2014
K-Hound Moment:  At the 210 km point, somewhere on Highway 507 between Roy and Spanaway.  We postponed the photos until the next control in Sumner, at the 250 km point.
Ride Partners:  Theo Roffe, Bill Gobie, and Geoff Hazel.  By time Theo & I reached the K-Hound point, Bill was about an hour behind us, and Geoff had DNF'd.

Keith self portrait:  "... really conveys my feelings at this point.  It was 21:30 (14 hours into the ride), 50k to go, I was wearing every layer I brought with me, and I was still freezing. It was a tough 300k."      

[Editor's note:  I usually do NOT care for "selfies," but this one is the exception that proves the rule.  It is a much better photo than the other option offered, and if Pamela Wright ever found out that I didn't use this pic, I'd likely be in trouble.  In general, I much prefer group photos as I think that better portrays the "friends got me here" spirit that most every K-Hound will acknowledge is a major help to achieving the K-Hound award level.]  

Congratulations, Keith!  Welcome to the Klub.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Nov-23: First-Time K-Hound Patrick Herlihy

The odometer rolled over exactly 50 miles or 80 kms into the ride near the town of Esparto, California.  If I include the Super 600 (as RUSA now does), I hit my K-Hound over in South Carolina near the town of Chappells; but I'm very happy to bring up a "natural K-Hound" here in California!  ...  Patrick Herlihy

First-time K-Hound:  Patrick Herlihy (RUSA #8930)
Date:  November 23, 2014   
Rockville Ride 210K permanent out of Davis, CA.
Ride partners:  Rob Hawks (photographer & RBA of SFR) and K-Hounds Drew Carlson & Debra Banks.

L to R:  Debra Banks, Drew Carlson (peeking out from behind Debra), Patrick Herlihy.  At the "natural moment."  [Photo by Rob Hawks.]  
Post ride celebration.  Drew, Patrick, Rob.  [Photo by Debra Banks.] 

Congratulations, Patrick!  Welcome to the Klub.